Our Services

Air Eagle specializes and customizes each flight according to client's individual requirements and schedule deadlines. It arranges all flight details to allow client the greatest scheduling and economic flexibility.
We offer following services to our customers:

  • Customized departure times to meet clients shipping and delivery requirements
  • Hazardous material transportation
  • Worldwide charter
  • On-board loadmaster service to supervise cargo security and handling
  • Emergency and on demand aircraft availability
  • On board loadmaster service to supervise cargo security and handling
  • Accurate and up to date flight tracking and status of each flight

Taking advantage of thousands of executive airports around the world, executive aircraft take Clients directly to final destination without having to spend numerous hours waiting for connecting flights or delays. At Air Eagle, private charter flights depart when the Client is ready, minimizing travel time and maximizing working time.

Air Eagle Aircraft Facilitation is Clients' reliable partner in aircraft support services. We offer professional services at a competitive price for all facilitation requirements. Our customer-oriented approach focuses on providing top quality services; utilizing modern & reliable equipment being operated by motivated professionals. Allow us to take care of everything i.e. Arrangements of Aircraft facilitation, Parking, Catering, Re-fuelling or any other required services.

We, beyond doubt provide best value for money in Aircraft Facilitation in Pakistan

Air Eagle provides 'Into-plane' refueling with exceptionally high standards of corporate safety and security. The Company's aircraft refueling services are provided through Pakistan State Oil and extends to nearly all regions of Pakistan.

Every day, round the clock, our highly qualified staff ensures that aircraft are properly and safely re-fuelled. Air Eagle assures smooth aircraft re-fueling operation at designated airports throughout the year to provide reliable and cost effective supply across the country.

Air Eagle is the sole facilitator for provisioning of Military Clearances. Normal clearance time of 12 -14 working days is reduced to 7-8 working days with our expeditious processing.

Air Eagle can also act as a Front Office for companies requiring aviation services in Pakistan. We can facilitate by providing required services on behalf of our client companies by acting as their "Front Office".

Air Eagle provides exclusive Parking Facility to its Clients' Aircraft at Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta airports; even at times when no Parking is available on commercial airports.

  • Parking available 24/7 on Military side at Islamabad, Peshawar & Quetta.
  • Sole Facilitator on Military side all over Pakistan.